Optical Illusion: A white cat is hidden in this old picture, the challenge is to find it in 15 seconds...


Optical Illusion: If you want to do something creative in your precious time, then nowadays optical illusions are becoming very viral on social media. Did you know that optical illusions can improve your focus and give you a new skill? For this, apart from an optical illusion, you can do a brain teaser, IQ test, and don't know what else. If you solve these activities daily, it will strengthen the connection between your brain cells, strengthen your mind and improve your memory.


In today's optical illusion, you will see an old picture. Where you have to find the other cat hidden in the picture. The creators of this illusion claim that only 1% of people can find it. Also, you have only 15 seconds to solve it.

Only 1% of people can find the hidden cat
The picture above is a viola optical illusion, challenging people to find the other cat in the room. In this illusion, two women are seen, who are sitting opposite the table and talking. A black cat can be seen sitting near the woman wearing a yellow gown. Another cat is hidden somewhere, which you have to find.

It is claimed that only 1 percent of people can find the other cat in this old picture. You can test your IQ with the help of this optical illusion picture.


Can you find the other cat in 15 seconds?
One cat is visible in this old picture, but the other cat is lost somewhere. If you're having trouble finding this other cat, you should look at the hat of the lady in the yellow gown. The other cat is hiding in his hat. The color of the cat and the hat is the same. Most people cannot solve this illusion.