Optical Illusion: A cat is hidden in this simple picture, will you be able to find it in 15 seconds? let's find out...


Optical Illusion: If you also want to do something creative in your spare time, then optical illusion will prove to be a great option. Solving it not only exercises your brain but also sharpens your memory. This is the reason why there are many optical illusions available on the internet, solving which give a great workout to your brain. If you are also fond of solving optical illusions, then you can participate in many brain teasers, and IQ-like mind activities available on social media. By doing this daily, your ability to think will also increase and your good time will also pass.


In this sequence, today we have brought another new puzzle for you. In this episode of Optical Illusion, you have to find a hidden cat in the picture you have to solve today.

Find the cat in 15 seconds
In this picture seen above, a child and his old grandmother are seen. Both are cooking food on the stove. Along with this, many sarees and a hut are also visible behind. Your challenge today is to find the hidden cat in this picture and you have only 15 seconds to solve it. So if you have the sharp eyes of an eagle and the mind of a fox, then solve this picture in the given time.

Use a keen eye
Everything is visible in this picture which is looking very simple. But in this picture, the cat is hidden so well that it is not a matter of everyone's ability to find it because so far very few people have been able to solve this optical illusion. If you have a sharp mind too, use your keen eye to solve the event quickly.


Find like cat
If are you still unable to spot the hidden cat in the picture above, then let us help you with that. If you look carefully at the picture seen in front, then some bushes are visible behind the child. The cat is hiding in the middle of these bushes. If you still haven't found the cat, you can solve this optical illusion with the picture below.