OMG! This person lived for 82 years and doesn't even know what a woman looks like!


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Imagine a man who has never seen a woman in his entire life. You may find this absurd, but it is true. It is believed that a man named Mihailo Tolotos, who lived for 82 years in a remote village in Greece, never laid eyes on a woman. Now, you may wonder how this is possible, so let's learn about this man's extraordinary story.

According to a report by LADBible, Mihailo Tolotos was born in a small Greek village in 1856. However, his mother died shortly after his birth. Orphaned, Mihailo was taken by monks to a monastery on Mount Athos, Greece, where he was raised and cared for. Famous for its strict rules, this monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The strangest rule of this monastery was that the entry of women into its premises was strictly prohibited. Remarkably, this rule still exists today, making it one of the few places where women are not allowed. Mihailo Tolotos grew up within these boundaries and lived his entire life in this monastery, following these strict rules.

Unusual rule of the monastery

The reason behind the ban on women in the monastery was to ensure that the monks remained celibate for life. The purpose of this rule was to preserve their commitment to a life of spiritual devotion. While travel restrictions for monks were not in place, Mihailo decided to devote his life entirely to the monastery. Although he had the freedom to leave and explore the world, he never encountered a woman throughout his life.

What the Monastery's Monks Say

According to the report, Mihailo knew only as much about women as his fellow monks had told him. But he did not encounter any woman in real life. The monks of the monastery also say that Mihailo might be the only person in the world who does not know what a woman is and looks like. Apart from this, he had never seen a car or a plane in his life.