Nostradamus Predictions 2024: 'A Discovery Enabling Humans to Live up to 150 Years,' Shocking Revelation for 2024


Nostradamus Predictions 2024: Nostradamus predicted that in the year 2024, scientists will make a discovery that will extend the life of humans.

French astrologer Nostradamus (Image Source: Pixabay)

World Predictions 2024: The year 2023 is ending and the new year is about to begin. French astrologer Nostradamus has made many predictions about how the year 2024 will be for the world. Nostradamus of the 16th century is still known for his predictions. In 1555 his predictions were published in Les Prophéties, describing events taking place around the world. However, due to vague details in these articles, many predictions are difficult to assess. 

Nostradamus's prediction for 2024

Nostradamus had predicted about the Pope that the world could get a new Pope in the year 2024. The present Pope Francis is old, which is why this prediction seems accurate. Apart from this, Nostradamus has also warned about climate disasters. Regarding 2024, he has warned that this year we may face drought-like situations in many places and flood-like situations in some places. Apart from this, extremely bad weather and widespread starvation have also been mentioned. 

Earthquake forecast

Nostradamus had warned the coastal cities of Japan that there would be an earthquake in the year 2024, which would pose a danger of a tsunami. Apart from this, he has also predicted the spread of a dangerous virus. After COVID-19, the world has started fearing the news of any infection. In such a situation, the prediction of another infection in the new year is scary. Nostradamus had said that in 2024, a major reshuffle could be seen in the British royal family. 

There will be a search to increase the duration of human life

Nostradamus had predicted that in the year 2024, scientists will make a discovery that will extend the life of humans by 150 to 170 years. Currently, the life expectancy in the world is 72 years. If Nostradamus's prediction comes true, humans will be able to live twice as long.

When did the prediction come true?

In Nostradamus's book Les Prophecies, many predictions were made, including the French Revolution, the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan, and the rise of Adolf Hitler, which has proved true. Regarding the year 2023, he had written in his article, this year the scene of the third world war will be seen.