Mysterious village in India, people disappeared overnight


Many such incidents have happened in Indian history, about which very few people know. There is a village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, where people went missing overnight.

It is said that Kuldhara village, located about 20 km away from Jaisalmer, is inhabited by ghosts. It is said that about 200 years ago, people had fled this village overnight, after which this village became deserted. People nearby say that here But often ghostly incidents happen, due to which people do not go here even by mistake.

In the year 1825, people suddenly evacuated this village. It is believed that while leaving the village, people cursed that whoever tries to settle here will be completely ruined. According to the belief, Diwan Salem Singh of the state had his eyes on Shakti Maiya, the daughter of a Brahmin of the village, due to which He wanted to get married, on the other hand, the Brahmins of the village did not want to marry their daughter to any other community. After this, Salem Singh threatened the villagers that if they did not get him married to Shakti Maiya, then they would destroy the entire village. After the threat that he would destroy it, all the Brahmins of the village left the village overnight. While leaving, he also cursed that whoever tried to settle in this village would be ruined.