Kohinoor Diamond: Where did Kohinoor diamond come from? Why are they called cursed, scientists revealed the secret of gems

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Kohinoor Diamond History: There are many gems in the world, which are sold at very expensive prices. Among these, Kohinoor Diamond and Hope Diamond are at the top. The prices of these gems cannot even be adjusted. The shine of these special gems is very special. Kohinoor diamond and Hope diamond are quite big. No gem in the world can compare to these. The Kohinoor is the jewel of the British Crown Jewels, weighing 105.60 carats.

The Hope Diamond is kept in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington. Its weight is 45.52 carats. Questions are raised regarding the origin of these diamonds. Many types of stories are told about Kohinoor. It is claimed that these diamonds were discovered in southern India between 1600 and 1800. After this, they were sent to Britain and other countries. Now scientists for the first time have claimed to have solved the mystery of their origin.


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Why is Kohinoor called cursed?

The Kohinoor diamond is said to be cursed. The king to whom this diamond went died. Like Kohinoor, the stories of Whole Diamond, and Regent Diamond are also quite famous. The Regent Diamond is kept in the Louvre Museum. It is said that it was brought by a miner after stealing it from the mine. The thief had hidden this diamond inside the wound on his leg. Scientists say that such diamonds are usually found in pits dug in the sediment along the river banks. When a volcano erupts, they come out. These areas are called kimberlite fields.


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They originated in this state of India

Recently a research was published in the Journal of Earth System Science. It claimed that the world's most famous diamonds, including the Kohinoor, were found 300 kilometers away from the Vajrakarur kimberlite field in Andhra Pradesh, India. Geochemist Yaakov Weiss says that it was found that the type of land in Vajrakarur is a strong base for diamonds. Yaakov Weiss studies diamonds at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He said that the soil here was studied. This revealed that there is sufficient evidence of the presence of such diamonds in the lithosphere i.e. the hard layer and the upper mantle. Golconda's diamonds are formed deeper in the mantle. Perhaps these diamonds might have been formed around the center of the Earth.


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Where are the big diamonds coming from?

Geologists Hero Kalra, Ashish Dongre, and Swapnil Vyas of Savitribai Phule Pune University have done this research. He said that big diamonds are coming from the depths of the earth. The kimberlite rocks of the Vajrakarur area probably originate from the depths where diamonds are formed. Remote sensing data has revealed that there was an ancient river here, from which the diamonds flowed to the Krishna River and its tributaries and where they were found.

He said that no one knows how these diamonds reach the earth's surface, but when a volcano erupts, they come out of the earth's womb and get stuck in the upper surface. After this, whenever kimberlite erupts, it becomes visible on the earth's surface. Kohinoor and other diamonds also came out of the earth in the same way.