Is Nostradamus's prophecy going to come true again?


Kate, wife of Prince William of the British royal family, had not been seen in public for some time.

Recently he has revealed that he is suffering from cancer, after which once again the predictions of Nostradamus are being discussed. It is said that Nostradamus accurately predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the bombing of Hiroshima, and the rise of Napoleon. Was

Nostradamus predicted that 2024 would be a difficult time for the monarchy. In one of his predictions, he predicted the possible abdication of the king and the rise of an unexpected successor. It is linked to King Charles and his younger son Prince Harry

Nostradamus had prophesied that the king of the islands would be removed by force. In his place will come a man who will have no trace of a king

King Charles has also been diagnosed with cancer. Those who monitor the activities of the Royal Family believe that King Charles may step down voluntarily or due to his health. Now the question is whether Prince Harry will become king? It's hard to say, as he has very little interest in royal duties.