How the plane and a pilot disappeared between the sea and the sky, this mystery has remained unsolved for 46 years


The story of a 20-year-old Australian pilot who flew for a journey. But to date, no one has been able to find out where he went and what happened to him. This incident is one of those mysterious incidents in the world and despite all efforts, no one has been able to solve it even after 46 years. There is only one thing as evidence. That is the 5-minute last call recording of the pilot.

Frederick Valentich was only 20 years old.

Date, October 21, 1978… Place: Melbourne City of Australia… 20-year promising pilot Frederick Valentich flew to King Island (Australia) in Cessna aircraft number 182. The only place they knew was King Island. But neither could he ever reach his destination. And till date, nothing has been found about him. Only one thing remains as evidence. And that was his 5-minute last call recording. Which he did to ATC. What was this whole matter? Let us know in detail…

Frederick Valentich, born on 9 June 1958, was a capable pilot. He wanted to become a pilot since childhood. His dream also came true. After taking a degree in aviation, he became a pilot. He wanted to work for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). But he did not have enough degree for that. Therefore, he started working as a pilot for a private company. Frederick had 150 hours of flight experience at an early age.

Days passed. Everything was going well. Then came the day of 21 October 1978. As soon as the flight took off in the evening at 7:06, Frederick made a call to Melbourne Air Traffic Control Center i.e. ATC. Frederick said in a very nervous voice that someone was following him. On this ATC asked who is following you? Are you okay? Frederick said that there is a strange thing which is round in shape. It is right above my plane and there are lights all around it. A green light is falling on my plane from it. Let us tell you, at that time Frederick was traveling alone on the flight.

ATC immediately tracked his location. But apart from Frederick's flight, nothing was visible on ATC radar. He kept asking Frederick what he was saying. We can't see anything around you. Frederick kept saying, believe me. If there is something, it is coming towards me three times faster than my plane. She is following me from a height of 4,500 feet (1,400 meters). Just help me. But what could even ATC do in this? Because nothing could be tracked on their radar except Frederick's plane.

The call closed after 5 minutes

ATC said that you should land the plane in some empty place. But Frederick could not do even this. Because he was flying over the sea at that time. Before they could talk further. In the end, Frederick just said that 'This is not a plane'. Just saying this, Frederick lost contact with ATC. And after this where did that plane go? Where did Frederick go? Couldn't find anything. Due to fear of some accident, an air rescue team was immediately sent to investigate, but they found nothing. Neither the wreckage of the plane nor the pilot was found. Then this case was closed like this.

Many theories came forward

Some experts believe that Valiant's plane may have crashed and fallen into the sea. The lights he was talking about would be the lights of his own plane, which he would be seeing in the seawater. However, there is no solid evidence for this. Some people even believe that the unknown plane flying above Valentín's plane was a UFO and it might have abducted Valentín along with the plane. Some experts also believed that there was not enough petrol on the flight. Whereas, all these things are checked before taking off. On this, he expressed suspicion that Frederick might have deliberately got himself kidnapped. But this theory also did not work.

Father made a shocking revelation

At the same time, his father Guido again told something which shocked everyone. He said that Frederick used to talk about aliens since childhood. He was always afraid that one day aliens would take him away. Frederick used to say this not once but again and again. However, it could never be proven that Frederick was abducted by an alien or a UFO. But the way Frederick disappeared along with his plane and was never found again remains a mystery even today. No one has been able to solve this case to date.