Guantanamo Bay: Here is the world's most expensive and dangerous prison, crores of rupees are spent on dreaded prisoners

Here is the world's most expensive and dangerous prison - Photo: iStock

Guantanamo Bay: Criminals are kept in prisons all over the world. Many questions arise in people's minds on hearing the name of jail. Generally, questions come to mind how will the security, food, and health services of the prisoners be arranged there? Many times such jail news comes which is very scary. Everyone from a common criminal to very dangerous criminals is kept in jail. 

Many very special types of prisons have been built in the world to keep prisoners. Many of these are extremely dangerous and expensive. Today in our news we will tell you about one such jail. Dreaded terrorists are kept in this jail. Here crores of rupees are spent on one prisoner. It is said that this is the most expensive and dangerous prison in the world. Let's know about this jail...

The name of this prison is Guantanamo Bay, which is located on the coast of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. This jail is said to be the most expensive and dangerous jail in the world. According to a media report, 13 million dollars (about one billion) is spent annually on each prisoner lodged in this jail. According to a report, at present, there are 30 prisoners here. The most important thing is that 45 soldiers are deployed on just one prisoner. 

America is criticized all over the world for this jail. Former American President Barack Obama had talked about closing it. This jail was started after the terrorist attacks in America on September 11, 2001. 

According to media reports, a total of 780 prisoners were kept here for more than 20 years. At present, there are only 30 prisoners here. It often remains in discussion for many reasons. This also includes the expenses incurred here. There is strict security inside and outside the jail, due to which its complete picture has not been revealed to the world. The statements of the prisoners released from here show how dangerous this prison is. 

The prisoners in Guantanamo prison are very dangerous terrorists. Here a separate employee has been appointed for every work. The prison consists of 3 buildings, 2 of which are secret headquarters. Apart from this, there are also three clinics here. This prison located in Cuba was a US Navy base, but in 2002 it was converted into a high-tech prison. Dreaded terrorists are kept here.