From the China war to the new Pope... Nostradamus's predictions for 2024 are alarming, revealing the dangers ahead


Nostradamus Predictions 2024: There was a prophet named Nostradamus in France. He used to make predictions in poems. People all over the world decode these predictions. Nostradamus's predictions for the year 2024 have been decoded. Let us know about the predictions made by Nostradamus for the year 2024.

​Humans have always been interested in knowing what is going to happen in the future. For this, there were many prophets all over the world. Some predicted events that would happen one day, while others predicted events that would happen years later.

Whenever there is talk of predictions, the first name that comes to mind is Nostradamus. Nostradamus is mentioned in many major predictions of the world. Nostradamus is believed to have predicted Hitler's rise to Germany, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the Fire of London. Nostradamus has made predictions after several hundred years. Nostradamus's predictions for 2024 are causing concern. Let us know about Nostradamus's prediction for 2024.

Civil War in America

America seems more divided than ever right now. America may face instability in the presidential elections in 2024. Debate in America has become impossible at this time, in such a situation it is believed that civil war could become a reality.

War with china

Experts around the world are seeing China as an emerging power. Many people even say that the ongoing competition between America and China is a new Cold War. But there has always been a possibility of this cold war turning into a real war. Nostradamus speaks about wars and naval battles in his prophecies. He said, 'The red enemy will turn yellow with fear, there will be fear in the great ocean.' Many people consider the red enemy to be Communist China. China has a huge navy, hence it is believed that this fight could take place in the sea.

Nuclear testing

We don't need to learn from Nostradamus about climate change, because we are seeing terrible hurricanes, forest fires, and ever-rising temperatures. Although Nostradamus had predicted this centuries ago. Nostradamus wrote, 'For forty years a rainbow will not be visible, for 40 years a rainbow will be visible every day.' The dry earth will become drier and drier and when this is seen, there will be a major flood. Those who decoded Nostradamus's prophecy believe that he warns of a nuclear explosion in 2024 which will affect the climate.

The earth will warm

Nostradamus says that the Earth will become even hotter. He talks about irreversible climate change in 2024. Heatwaves will become even more common this year. He even talks about boiling fish.

Prophecy of the New Pope

Pope Francis is currently 86 years old. He has also gone through health problems in recent times. One prediction of Nostradamus is worrying. Nostradamus predicts that a new young Pope will take place. However, he says this would be a 'weak' Pope. However, the debate on the word weak continues. Time will decide in what sense it is weak.