Baba Vanga: Will the third world war start due to the war between these two countries? Baba Venga has made this scary prediction


According to Baba Venga's prediction, there will be a wave of terrorist incidents in 2024. He claims that a country can test biological weapons.

Baba Vanga Prediction For World War 3 Coming True As Israel Iran Struggle Going Intense

Baba Vanga Prediction: Many predictions of the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga have proved true. Baba Venga, one of the world's famous prophets, is called the Nostradamus of the Balkan region. Before his death, he had made many predictions including the end of the world, war, and disaster. Baba Venga had predicted till the year 5079.

He had made many predictions, including the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the death of Princess Diana, and the 9/11 attacks by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in America, which have all proved true. Baba Venga lost his eyesight at the age of just 12. He died in 1996 at the age of 85. Baba Venga had made the most frightening prediction about the year 2024. In this, he warned of the third world war.

According to Baba Venga's prediction, there will be a wave of terrorist incidents in 2024. He claims that a country can test biological weapons. Evidence of this has also started emerging. Let us tell you that recently there was a massive terrorist attack in Russia. Gunmen attacked during an event at the Crocus City Hall in the capital Moscow, killing 133 people and injuring about 140.

Will Baba Vengi's prediction come true?

Experts say that his prediction of the third world war is very scary. After Iran's attack on Israel amid the war in Gaza, people are now afraid whether this prediction of Baba Venga is going to prove true. According to a media report, Buckingham University Professor Anthony Glease said that the fear of the Third World has increased due to tension between Israel and Iran. He further said that the world hangs on a thread of peace and this thread can break at any time.

Anthony Gleese says Iran and Russia have close ties. Because of this, it can be dragged into the war, because many weapons including missiles and fighter planes are being provided to Russia by Iran against Ukraine. Western countries are not like this and they want to stop Russia somehow and trap it.

A situation of nuclear war may arise

He further said that in the tension with Iran, all Western countries including America and Britain are likely to stand in support of Israel. Russia supports Iran and Putin will try to take advantage of the situation to eliminate Ukraine. If this happens, circumstances of nuclear war may arise.

If Russia starts a war, America and Western countries will provide arms and ammunition to Israel to punish Iran. Their dream is to not let Putin win in Ukraine and not let Iran destroy Israel. Western countries believe that the stronger they are, the more secure they will be.

Let us tell you that Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned America. He has said that America should not interfere in Iran and Israel matters. Putin said that if America gets involved in Israel's retaliatory attack on Iran or provides any kind of help, then we will not sit idly by and will openly support Iran.