Alien News: This is how aliens can capture planets, scientists make shocking claim


Alien News: Is there life on any planet other than Earth in the universe? For years scientists have been trying to find the answer to this question. However, they have not yet found the answer to this question. Now two scientists have done research, which has given an interesting theory to find aliens. This has revealed that aliens living on other planets can ride meteorites. Researchers explain how aliens can be identified.

Researchers have prepared a roadmap for this, named Panspermia. According to the fringe theory, extraterrestrial life could travel from one planet to another aboard meteorites. According to the American space agency NASA, there are about 5000 planets outside our solar system. There is the highest possibility of existence of life here and it can travel to other planets and try to capture them there.


This is how aliens can capture planets - Photo: iStock

But the biggest problem is how to identify such life patterns? For this we need to know what they are looking for? According to a report, scientists said that new research can help in discovering alien life. Even if we don't know what they're looking for.


This is how aliens can capture planets - Photo: iStock

Earth can change with this kind of life


It seems that life on other planets may be completely different from carbon-based life on Earth. The road map from these two researchers looks not at what alien life might look like, but how it would change things on Earth. Perhaps most importantly, extraterrestrial life may have the potential to alter Earth's natural balance, as astronauts try to recreate the atmospheric conditions found on Earth.


This is how aliens can capture planets - Photo: iStock

How can it be identified?

Researchers can measure this with statistical tests, whereby a single planet is observed and stands out from a group of planets with similar characteristics. If this planet with humans has similar characteristics to the cluster, it means aliens have visited it and begun colonizing it, or at least something strange is happening in space.

This will also identify possible new life forms.

This research has not been peer-reviewed yet. Research has its limitations because its research requires a large amount of information on extraterrestrials. NASA has said that there are at least 5,000 exoplanets and their number is continuously increasing.