AJAB GAJAB: This family claimed that aliens landed behind their house, said - the length was more than 10 feet!


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At present, only one topic is in discussion all over the world. Those are aliens. Just a few days ago, the dead body of alleged aliens was displayed in the Mexican Parliament, which shocked the world. These aliens looked very small in size. But his eyes looked big, bulging, and mysterious. Apart from this, his head was bigger than his body. He had only three fingers on his hand. This discussion about aliens is not stopping, now there is another kind of discussion. A family in Las Vegas, America has claimed to have seen aliens. He has also described these aliens. His claim has once again created a stir. So have aliens really come to Earth? Such discussions are colorful.

Daily Mail has given this news. There are four people in this family. He claims to have seen aliens behind his house. He has also given information about what aliens look like. We saw strange creatures in our house. They were trying to climb the wall. They were taller than humans. Generally, the height of a human being is 7 to 8 feet. However, the family claims that the aliens they saw were 10 feet tall. His teeth and ears were shining. It seemed as if he had no nose. He was seen without a nose. This family says that his color was also green. 


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A crowd of people:

The family also says that we remained silent for several days so that people would not spy on us. He called 911 and gave this information. The family claims that two giant aliens landed behind our house in a UFO. We have given information about this incident. Since then many people have been coming to our house. It is getting crowded here every day. Angel, the eldest son of this family, said that they were looking at the place where the aliens had landed. We don't want to preach. Don't want to get famous. He said we ourselves informed the police about this incident. 



Crash landing of UFO on camera:

People are finding this incident to be real. Because all this has been captured on camera. The camera at Angel's neighbor's house captured a huge explosion with a loud noise. It is being said that it is a crash landing of a UFO. But how true this incident is has not been confirmed yet. However, people around the world are shocked by this incident.