Ajab Gajab: In the name of protein, people eat grasshopper here, they leave the house in the morning to catch!



Eating crunchy snacks with tea is a common enjoyment of many people. Biscuits, savory treats, and similar items are popular snack options. However, have you ever heard of someone eating edible insects for breakfast? There is a country where people eat fried insects as a special dish and it may sound quite unusual to you. We are talking about Mexico, where a dish called "chapulines" is prepared using grasshoppers, which is enjoyed with great gusto. From Mexico to various parts of Central America, dishes made from grasshoppers, a type of cricket, are eaten with great relish.

Grasshopper Dish

To catch locusts for this dish, people come out of their homes early in the morning when the weather is cooler and the locusts are less active. People who collect locusts do so by hand. They choose the hot season for this work because at that time locusts are about to lay eggs, which makes them easier to catch.

What is the price of this dish?

This strange and interesting dish has been eaten in Mexico since the 16th century. However, this begs the question: Why do people eat it? It is believed that the protein content of locusts is high, which attracts people to this dish even today. Surprisingly, this dish comes at a very heavy price. One pound of grasshoppers can be sold for $50 i.e. more than Rs.4,000. Those who have tried it say that it tastes salty and spicy. Companies such as Hargol Foodtech in Israel are developing different methods to harvest the locusts and cultivate them on a large scale to supply the market.