Ajab-Gajab: Alcohol is produced in this man's body, a Surprising Revelation Uncovered in Investigation

Photo: istock

Ajab-Gajab: Drinking and driving is illegal all over the world. If someone is caught drinking and driving, he is punished under the law. But if you are told that the person's body starts producing alcohol on its own, would you believe it? Perhaps you may find this strange and funny, but it has happened. A similar case has come to light in Belgium. A person was arrested here on suspicion of drunk driving.

After this, the matter reached the court. When the investigation took place, a shocking revelation was made. Investigation revealed that the person's body produces alcohol on its own. The man was suffering from a rare auto-brewery syndrome. Because of this, the person's body itself produces alcohol.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, this matter is for the year 2022. In the year 2022, the police seized the car of a person, against whom a case of drunken driving was registered. Investigation revealed that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.2 of 5

The man's blood alcohol level was 0.91. This quantity was twice the legal limit. When tested a month later, it was found that 0.71 mg of alcohol was found in his breath. The legal limit of alcohol in Belgium is 0.22 mg.

Now the court has given its verdict on this matter. The man's identity has been kept secret, but the court has dismissed the drink-driving case against him. The court learned that the man was suffering from a rare disease. The victim works in a liquor manufacturing company. Three doctors independently examined him, after which they confirmed that he was suffering from auto-brewery syndrome.

What is auto-brewery syndrome?

According to medical reports, auto-brewery syndrome is a rare condition. It is also sometimes known as "drunkenness disease". This rare condition makes you drunk without drinking alcohol. Auto-brewery syndrome can often be difficult to diagnose.

Only a few cases of this syndrome have been reported in the last several decades. For people who already have this problem and drink even a small amount of alcohol, its symptoms can become more serious.