Ajab Gajab: A very unique evil practice is performed here, only the father arranges the marriage with the daughter!


PC: amarujala

There are many communities in the world, each with its own unique traditions and customs. In every country, people of different communities and castes follow different customs. Some of these traditions are so unique that they may surprise you, and some still persist today. Today we are going to highlight one such unconventional practice followed by the Mandi tribe in Bangladesh.

You may find it hard to believe, but the Mandi tribe in Bangladesh follows a tradition where fathers marry their own daughters as soon as they reach adulthood. Yes, you read it right; This is indeed a reality. A unique form of marriage exists in this community where fathers establish marital bonds with their daughters.


PC: amarujala

Reports suggest that this strange tradition has been going on among the Mandi tribe of Bangladesh for a long time. Here, men marry widowed women with the condition that they will later marry their daughters. 

That is, the girl with whom the father first has a relationship later becomes her husband. However, the girl a man marries is not his real daughter, but the woman's daughter (step-daughter) from her first marriage. 


PC: amarujala

The logic behind this unusual tradition lies in a specific circumstance. When a woman becomes widowed at a young age and has a daughter, she may marry a younger man. In such cases, this tradition ensures that the woman gets support from her new husband. Additionally, his daughter also gets security in the new marital arrangement.

Once the daughter reaches adulthood, the man marries her, thereby taking on the dual role of the mother's husband and the daughter's husband. It is believed that this practice protects the future of both mother and daughter. The man can care for and protect both the widow and her daughter, ensuring their well-being.