World's Oldest Buildings: The World's oldest buildings are in these countries, know the details here...


There are some such buildings in the world which have been ruined due to time, while some are the same for thousands of years. After watching, you will not believe the date of their formation. Let us tell you about some of the oldest buildings in the world today.


Newgrange, Ireland
The building is equipped with a circular mound, which is known to be of religious importance to the Neolithic structure. During that time many well-maintained routes were built here.  This building dates back to 3200 BC was created.


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England
This building is the most popular prehistoric structure in all of Europe. But let us tell you, to date no one knows about such standing stones, why they were made. The building was dated to 3000 BC. was built in.


Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt
This pyramid was built in Giza by Pharaoh Djoser. It has become the oldest pyramid in Egypt. Djoser in 2660 BC was built in.


Sanchi Stupa, India
The Sanchi Stupa, built by Emperor Ashoka, is famous among the oldest stone structures. The relics of Lord Mercury are present here. The stupa was built in 300 BC.


Hover's Plateau, Scotland
This Neolithic farm on Papa Westray Island is the oldest surviving building in the UK. Even today stone furniture is seen in it.