The women of this tribe never take a bath, yet they are considered the most beautiful!


Can you ever dream that women can live without taking a bath to maintain their beauty? Maybe not. It is not possible for any human being to live without taking a bath. After 1-2 days every person takes a bath. Actually, we take bath to keep the body and mind pure. Bathing removes our fatigue and keeps the body healthy. If you do not take bath for a few days, then your body starts smelling and your mentality also starts getting a little strange. To remain healthy and beautiful, a man takes bath, but there is such a place in this world where women are not allowed to take bath. After all, how can this happen? Let's know.


Surprisingly, women are not allowed to bathe here because the people here have a mentality that this will destroy the beauty of women. There is such a place in the world, where women are considered the most beautiful, despite never taking a bath in life. Actually, there are many such tribes in the world, which have very unique customs. Something similar is also with the women of the Himba tribe living in the Kunain province of northern Namibia, Africa. This is because women are forbidden to bathe here, yet they are considered the most beautiful women in Africa. People of this species understand that if women are not taken, their beauty will end and then no one will marry them.

The women of the Himba Tribe are called the most beautiful women in Africa. But let us tell you that the women of this tribe are not allowed to take bath at all. Not only this, these women cannot even use water to wash their hands. However, these women have their own special way of keeping themselves clean. These women use special lotions to protect their skin from the sun. This lotion is prepared from a solution of animal fat and haematite.


Due to the dust of haematite, the color of their skin becomes red. This special lotion also protects them from insect bites. These women are also known as Red Men. Now you must be surprised to think that even this can happen anywhere, but it happens. These women do not take baths, but yes, they do many things to maintain their beauty. These women keep themselves beautiful with herbs and the soil there.

Urban girls must be feeling very strange after reading this because they adopt methods from bathing to steam talk to enhance their beauty. Now they must be surprised to think of such women. Well, this world is very big and different types of people live here. So don't be surprised.