Supermoon 2022: A unique moon will be seen in the world today, the moon will come near the earth, know everything about it...


Biggest Supermoon 2022: One of the biggest astronomical events of this year, 'Supermoon' can be seen on the 13th of July i.e. today. A supermoon appears when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit. Today, on the day of Guru Purnima, you can see the beautiful view of the supermoon in the sky. The moon will appear much bigger, brighter, and pinker than every day.


Today the distance between the Earth and the Moon will be the shortest. During the supermoon, the distance of the Moon from the Earth will be only 357,264 km. The effect of the supermoon will also be visible to the sea. Because of a supermoon, a large range of high and low tides can be seen in the ocean. According to astronomers, there may be storms and flood-like conditions in the coastal areas during the supermoon. This year the supermoon can be seen on the night of July 13 at 12:07, while it will be seen on July 3 next year.

Apart from this, a few hours after the supermoon, a full moon will be seen, which can be seen for two to three days. It will not be a full moon, but the reason for the size of the moon will be seen in the same way. Apart from this, the shadow strip will appear very thin on the moon during this time. The change in the moon will be very slow, due to which it will look like a full moon. It is a bit difficult to see this process with open eyes.


Know who is called the Biggest Supermoon
A supermoon means that during this time the moon will appear larger than its size. With this, every day will look more radiant. This is because during this time the distance between the moon and the earth becomes very less. The moon comes near the earth.

How Did the Term Supermoon Originate?
The term supermoon originated in the year 1979. The term was coined by the astrologer Richard Noelle. When the Moon comes within 90 percent of the perigee of the Earth, then this astronomical event is called a supermoon.