Optical Illusion: The frog is hidden among the flowers in this picture, find it within eight seconds, let's find out...


Optical Illusion: Once again this type of picture is going viral on social media which can be considered a perfect example of optical illusion. Look at this picture carefully and tell where the frog is hidden in it. Even after many people searched a lot, the frog was nowhere to be seen. Good people will get confused after seeing this picture. 99 percent of people have failed to find the elephant in this picture. Let's see where the frog is hiding in this viral picture.


In this optical illusion photo viral on social media, a plant is seen in which flowers are in bloom. Look carefully at these flowers, because the frog is hidden among them. Now find the frog in this picture and prove yourself to be a genius. If you can find the frog within eight seconds, you will be considered the biggest genius.

People enjoy taking Optical Illusion Photos and completing the challenges that come with it. But most people get confused after seeing the optical illusion pictures. Something or the other is hidden in these pictures that deceive the eyes. The hidden things in these pictures are right in front of our eyes but are not visible.


Optical illusion photos provide a great workout for the brain and eyes. If you have not seen the frog in the picture yet, then we have also shared the picture for you, in which you can easily find the answer to your question. We have shown the frog in a red circle in which you can easily see it.