Optical Illusion: Only those with a sharp mind will be able to find the four kiwis hidden in this picture, try it...


Optical Illusion: This viral picture can be considered a perfect example of optical illusion. There are four kiwis in this picture. In this picture, only those who watch the oak can spot the kiwi. Even sharp-minded people will find it worse to find kiwi in this picture. Let us see where are all the four kiwis in this picture.


The picture is very simple to see, but it is difficult to find kiwi in it. For this, you have to put a lot of emphasis on your mind. Only then can you give the correct answer. If you find the kiwi hidden in the picture in 20 seconds, you will be called the biggest genius. Now let's see if you can spot all the four kiwis.

If you look at the picture, then cute birds are seen in the whole picture. There are also four kiwis in the middle of these birds. Most people have become troubled in finding kiwi. Some people have seen kiwi, many people have not seen kiwi even after searching very hard.


If you look at the picture carefully, you will find that there are kiwis among the birds in the picture. The difficulty in finding kiwis is because the birds are of the same type. If you haven't seen kiwi yet, don't worry. We have shown all the four kiwis in the picture which you can easily see.