Optical Illusion: Nine faces are hidden in this picture, if you find it in 20 seconds then you are genius, let's find out...


Optical Illusion: This picture, which is going viral on social media, can be considered a perfect example of optical illusion. Look at this picture carefully and tell where are the nine faces hidden in it. Despite a lot of searching for many people, all the faces are not visible. Good people are confused after seeing this picture and only 1% of people have been able to find all the faces. Let us see where the nine faces are hidden in this picture.

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What's in the picture?
Trees are seen in this picture, between which faces are hidden. Now it is time to find the faces hidden in this picture. If you spot all the faces in 20 seconds, you'll be called a genius. So now you look carefully at this picture and tell where are the nine faces hidden in it.

If you spot all nine faces in this viral picture within 20 seconds, you'll be classified as a genius. If you fail to find all the faces, it will tell you where all the faces are visible. The picture has all the faces in front of the eyes, but they have been cleverly hidden which most people are unable to find.


Now look at the picture carefully and you will easily see all the faces among the trees. This picture is designed in such a way that it is difficult to find all the faces. If you haven't been able to find the hidden faces, then we have come up with a picture for you in which you can easily find all the faces.