Optical Illusion: Locust is hidden in this photo, can you find it in 15 seconds? The discoverer will be considered a genius...


Optical Illusion: Most people get confused after seeing these deceiving pictures. It is very difficult to find things in these pictures. Even after working hard, most people do not see the hidden things in them. Things happen in front of your eyes but are not seen. But with these optical illusions, the brain gets a good workout. Now once again we have brought you an optical illusion picture in which you have to find the hidden grasshopper.


People enjoy solving the puzzles hidden in these mind-blowing pictures. People try their best to solve optical illusion pictures, but most people do not get success in solving them.

There is a grasshopper hidden in this picture that is viral on social media, which you have to find. If you find the grasshopper hidden in this picture within 15 seconds, then it is believed that your brain is very sharp and you can solve any puzzle easily.


Know what's in the picture
A wheat field is seen in this viral picture. The grasshopper is hiding among the wheat plants in the field. This picture has been designed in such a way that it is very difficult to find the grasshopper. Seeing this picture, people are getting confused because the color of grasshopper and wheat plants are similar. If you are still not able to find the grasshopper, then we have shared the picture in which you can easily spot the grasshopper.