Optical Illusion: Frog is to be found in this photo within 20 seconds, if you find it then you are a genius...


Optical Illusion: The picture that is going viral on the internet can be considered a perfect example of optical illusion. Take a look at this viral picture and tell where the frog is hiding in it. A frog is visible in this picture. Even sharp-minded people can hardly give the correct answer after seeing this picture. Let us see where the frog is sitting in the picture.


People like the picture of optical illusion viral on social media. Along with this, people enjoy completing the challenges found in them. However, very few people can complete the challenge. Now look carefully at this picture and tell where the frog is hiding in this picture. Run your eyes around and find it. The time given to find this frog is 20 seconds.

If you look carefully at the optical illusion picture, you will see a frog. Now you can also ask questions to your friends by showing this photo. If you want to test someone's IQ level, then this picture is perfect for that. Simple to look at the picture, but finding the frog hidden in it is equally difficult.


The frog in this picture is hard to spot because the frog and the grass have the same color. If you consider yourself a genius, find and show the frog in 20 seconds. If you spot a frog, you will be considered a keen watcher. Make a record of finding the frog in the shortest time. If you are also unable to find it, then we have shared the picture below in which you can easily see the frog.