Optical Illusion: Find the parrot hidden in this picture, if you find it you will be considered a genius...


Optical Illusion: This viral picture can be considered a perfect example of optical illusion. Take a look at this picture and tell where the parrot is sitting in it. Many people have not seen the bird even after searching a lot. Good people will be confused to find the parrot in this picture. Let us see where the parrot is sitting in this picture.


What's in the picture?
A forest is visible in this picture which is full of lush green trees. But a parrot is hidden among these trees. Now you have to find the parrot in this picture. In this picture, you have to find the parrot in just 15 seconds. So now you look at this picture carefully and find the parrot hidden in the picture.

If you spot a parrot in the picture in 15 seconds, you will be placed in the category of genius. If you can't find the parrot, we will tell you where the parrot is. In the picture, there is a parrot in front of the eyes, but it has been hidden very cleverly, which most people are unable to find.


Now, look carefully at the picture in which a parrot is sitting in the middle of the leaves on the right. If you look at this picture, the parrot is hidden among the leaves in the right corner of the tree which is visible on the right of the picture. If you are still not able to find the parrot, then we have shared the picture in which you can easily find the parrot.