Optical Illusion: Find a woman sitting in the middle of the mountains, let's find out...


Optical Illusion: People are confused after seeing this picture which is going viral on social media. In this photo, a woman is sitting in front of our eyes, but people are not seeing it. If you have an eagle eye, you can easily spot the lady. Most people do not see the woman in the photo and have got upset after searching. Let us see where is the woman sitting in this picture.


Social media is flooded with optical illusion photos. People enjoy completing the challenge given with these pictures. Sometimes one has to find something hidden in these pictures, while sometimes there is also a personality test from them. Even after looking closely, most people do not see the woman in this picture.

Optical Illusion The picture is very simple to see, but it is equally difficult to find the woman in it. You have to run your eyes around to find the woman in this picture. The hill is visible in this picture. The woman is sitting between the rocks seen in the mountain. Now you have to see carefully where the woman is sitting. Now see where the woman is sitting.


If you haven't found the woman sitting on the mountain yet, we give you some hints that will help you find the woman. You see carefully the woman is sitting on the hill and is looking like a rock on the mountain. Still, you are not able to find the woman, so we have shared the photo in which you can easily see the woman.