Optical Illusion: Can you spot the owl in this picture in 20 seconds? let's find out..


Optical Illusions: The owl you see in this picture has to be found and hidden in the middle of the forest. If you look at this picture carefully then you can easily solve the puzzle. You have been given 20 seconds to solve this optical illusion. If you solve the puzzle within this time limit, you will be considered a genius. Because 98 percent of the people have failed in solving this puzzle.


This picture going viral on the internet is very common, but finding an owl in it is not an easy task. Many people do not see the owl in this picture. In optical illusion photos, things are hidden in such a way that they are not visible even though they are in front of the eyes. The same is the case with this picture as well.

There are many secrets hidden in optical illusion photographs that are very difficult to unravel. Most people get confused after seeing these pictures. Sometimes even for sharp-minded people, it is very difficult to solve the mysteries hidden in these pictures. Although some people solve the puzzle easily.


We give you a hint of where the owl is sitting in this picture. If you look carefully at the trees on the left, you will see the owl sitting on the top of the second tree. If you still haven't found the owl, then no need to worry. We have shared the picture in which you can easily find the owl.