Optical Illusion: A dog is hidden in this picture, if you are a genius then find it...


In optical illusion pictures, things are hidden in such a way, due to even after trying a lot, big people are not able to find the hidden things in the picture. Once again this type of picture is going viral which can be considered a perfect example of an Optical Illusion Photo. You have to find the dog hidden in the picture we came up with. Now look carefully at this viral picture and find the dog.


Flats and trees are seen in the picture which keeps the mind confused. Along with this, many things are visible in it. In this, apart from large buildings and trees, the road, and many vehicles are visible. There is also a dog hidden in this picture that you have to find. Did you succeed in finding the dog or not? After seeing the picture with optical illusion, it seems that our eyes are being deceived. Many times people get confused after seeing these pictures. If you want to test a person's IQ level, this picture is perfect. If you spot the dog in this picture, you will be called a genius.


Even after putting a lot of emphasis on the eyes, people have failed to find the dog in this picture. Many people say that there is no dog hidden in this picture. Let us now tell you where the dog is hiding in this. Look at the picture carefully and move your gaze to the right. If you look carefully, you will see a dog among the branches on the top of the tree. Now you must have found the dog.