Optical Illusion: A dog is hidden among the cows in the picture, if you are a genius, find it within 20 seconds...


Optical Illusion: The more a person uses his brain, the faster it becomes. People can solve riddles, solve puzzles and solve puzzles hidden in optical illusions to exercise their brains. Now once again the mind-bending optical illusion picture is going viral on social media. A dog is hidden in this picture which has to be found. If you find a dog hidden among cows, you will be called a genius.


The optical illusion picture viral on social media is very simple to see, but most people have become confused after seeing it. You have 20 seconds to find the dog hidden in this picture. If you have a sharp mind, then you can find the dog hidden in this picture.

This picture can be considered a perfect example of optical illusion. In this picture, the lizard has been hidden in such a way that it is very difficult to find it. If you have the eyes of an eagle, you can spot this dog in seconds. Now you try to solve this optical illusion picture.


Cows are seen in this viral picture whose number is 100 and they are standing very tight. Now the dog is very cleverly hidden among them. If you still haven't found this dog, don't worry. We have shared the picture which you can easily see it.