Offbeat: This is the world's tallest family, many problems have to be faced due to the high height


Many of us want to be taller, but would you like to know about the tallest family in the world? All records have been broken by the 'Trapp' family in Esco, Minnesota, USA, which has been recognized as the 'longest family' by the Guinness World of Records (GWR).

The average height of this five-member family is 203.29 cm (6 ft 8.03 in).

If you add up the lengths of the five members of the trap family, they are half the length of a tennis court. Everyone in the family, such as Scott, Chrissy, Savannah, Molly and Adam, has been participating in a variety of sporting activities. Earlier, they were recruited by colleges for basketball or volleyball.

Recently, a video of the Trapp family was shared by the official Instagram page of Guinness World Records with this caption. The video has been viewed over 5,10,000 times and garnered over 4,86,000 likes.

It is shown in the video that different family members are also telling about the problems faced in life due to being tall. According to a family member, it is difficult to wear his heels. They also have trouble finding the right clothes.

His father admitted that he was surprised to see his children grow up to be his own. The commenters are surprised to see the height of the family and some have even made funny comments. One Instagram user wrote, "Their parents keep things under the bed instead of on the shelf. To keep out of reach of their kids. People can get scared seeing them walk in groups," wrote another.