Interesting Fact Of Plane: Air hostesses never drink tea-coffee on planes, know the reason...


Interesting Fact of Plane: People drink tea or coffee during airplane travel. For tea lovers on long journeys, tea acts as a relaxing treat. But you will be surprised to know that the air hostess and cabin crew on the ship do not drink tea and coffee on the flight. You will be surprised to know the reason for this. A famous Tiktoker and air hostess Sierra Mist has shared information related to her work and has revealed such a thing, knowing about which you will think four times before drinking tea.

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Air hostess Sierra Mist has 31 lakh followers on Tiktok. She keeps on giving information about her work from time to time. Sierra has made a shocking revelation about some of the secrets related to flight. She has shared its video on social media. In this viral video, Sierra told that the cabin crew on the flight also avoids using water bottles. She said that today I will tell you about some secrets related to flight attendants, about which you may not know.

Know why you do not drink coffee-tea
Sierra said flight attendants drink tea or coffee only when necessary. She has given a surprising reason for this. They say that the water tank is never cleaned. But the airlines keep checking the water quality. Unless something is found in the tank, it is not cleaned.

Made another big disclosure
Sierra has made another big reveal. She said that air hostesses always apply sunscreen during flights. She has also given the reason why she says that we travel in a metal tube every day at an altitude of 35,000 feet and it is very close to the ozone layer. They say that we are very close to radiation. That's why health insurance companies classify them as astronauts and radiologists