Girls looked like this 9000 years ago, you will be surprised to see!


There are many such things in this world, which are full of mystery. Our scientists are engaged in the search of all that when we were not in this world, then how was this world, how were the people here, how animals, etc. There is a lot of importance in the world of scientists. If they are not there, then we will be ignorant of many things. What was there in this world before us, we get to know from scientists only.


The world has now come to know about a similar thing. How were the girls like before? Was there any difference between men and women, or were they both the same? How much there was similarity in their physical appearance, these things create curiosity within the mind. Scientists keep on searching for interesting things from the bygone era. Meanwhile, the first scientists created the face of a teenage girl dating back 9000 years ago, which shows what people looked like in the Middle Stone Age. Girls' faces were different at that time

The picture that scientists have presented to the world is strange. Seeing these, it is known that 7000 years before Christ, the facial structure of women was similar to that of men. Yes, even though you are surprised to hear this, it is true. So many thousands of years ago, the face of girls was the same as that of boys. Both looked alike. There was a lot of similarity in the design of both of them.


Scientists believe that gradually girls started paying attention to their beauty and their face started looking different from boys. Oscar Nielsen says that the face of stone age men and women changed over time. Now men and women seem to be less masculine. After this time, women started becoming different, not like men. Swedish archaeologist and sculptor Oscar Nielsen has given life to many ancient humans through his craftsmanship. This is very surprising for common people.

Now you must be thinking that if girls looked like boys, then what would have been the reason for boys being impressed. However, we do not put many minds into this, because it is the job of scientists to find all this.