Due to illness in this village, people fall asleep anywhere in any situation.


Many people in the world often complain about lack of sleep, but today we are going to give you information about a place where people get to sleep at any time. People of this place get sleepy while sitting, talking, and even while walking. 

The village we are going to talk about is Kalachi village, Kazakhstan. According to the news, the people of this village can sleep at home or office or any shop, anytime. People can fall asleep even while walking on the road and they fall asleep on the side of the road.


The shocking revelation came after scientists studied the village regarding the disease. According to scientists, the people of this village sometimes fall asleep due to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. 

People here become unconscious due to not getting enough oxygen. At the same time, this happens due to poisonous gas made from uranium in the village. According to reports, however, now the people of the village do not face this type of problem.