Crocodile Tears: Are crocodile and alligator tears false? know the truth here...


Crocodile Tears: Some proverbs are so famous that people use them every day. We tell someone to stop shedding crocodile tears. But are crocodile tears and crocodile tears false? After all, why is his name taken to shed false tears? Do they always shed false tears or is there a reason behind this saying? Now scientists have done research regarding this, in which many things have come out. Let us know what is the reason behind shedding crocodile tears?


Research on crocodile tears
Scientists have researched tears from humans to animals, in which many things have come to the fore. In this research, it has been found that everyone's tears contain only the same kind of chemical which comes out of the tear duct. He has told that tears come out of a special gland that contains minerals and proteins.
If we talk about crocodile tears, then in 2006, neurologist D Malcolm Shaner and zoologist Kent A Vliet studied American alligators. He gave food to the crocodile in a dry place and while eating, tears started coming out of his eyes. During this, bubbles and tears started coming out of his eyes. The results of this study were published in BioScience, in which it was told that crocodiles shed tears from their eyes while eating and this is not due to any emotion.


Both crocodiles and alligators shed tears
Both alligators and crocodiles shed tears while eating, but there is a slight difference between the two. The crocodile's mouth is U-shaped and the jaw is wide, while the alligator's mouth is V-shaped. Flies drink crocodile tears because they contain enough protein and minerals. The most surprising thing is that alligators and crocodiles have feelings and they shed tears when they are sad. But he is infamous because of the liquid coming out of his eyes while eating.