A cave in which the precious treasure is hidden! Click here to know about it


There are many mysterious places in the world, about which everyone is surprised to know. Today we are going to tell you about a mysterious door. The mysterious door we are going to talk about is located inside a cave in Rajgir, a famous tourist place in Bihar. No one has been able to open this door to date.  

It is said that there is a store of gold behind this door. Which no one has been able to open till today even after trying thousands of times. According to historians, Bimbisara, the founder of the Haryanka dynasty, loved gold and silver. Because of this, he used to collect jewelry.

It is said that in this cave of Rajgir is the priceless treasure of Bimbisara. Which was hidden by his wife. However, to date no one has been able to find this treasure. The British tried many times to go to this cave, but they did not succeed. This cave of Rajgir was built by the wife of Bimbisara. 

The gold reserves here remain a mystery even today. Every year thousands of tourists come to see this mysterious cave.