Winter care tips: Before leaving the house in the winters, definitely check these 3 things in your car


With the onset of winter, there are many problems in the car. The pickup horn and lights also do not work properly since the car starts. In winter, many parts of the car get jammed, so special care should be taken of the car according to the weather.

Winter care tips: Winter has arrived and in the coming few days there will be fog along with severe cold, which will affect the weather on the engine. Therefore, with the help of the tips that we are going to tell you today, you can make your car safe before the severe cold, so that you do not have to suffer much damage.


There are many complaints about the battery draining in cold, it is often seen that vehicles are not starting due to cold because the battery starts getting cold due to low temperature. Therefore, before the cold starts, make sure that your battery life is left or not. Most batteries have a life of 3-5 years. Old batteries often cheat when starting up in cold weather. If you take extra precautions beforehand, you will not have any trouble before starting any journey.

Brakes and suspension

Taking care of Brakes and Suspension directly means averting a major accident. Therefore, get the brakes and suspension checked before the severe cold comes. So that, when you have to apply fast brakes in fog, your braking system does not cheat. If you are planning a trip to the mountains, then it is important to get the brakes and suspension checked properly by a mechanic. Because there are more uphill and downhill roads on the mountains. So make sure your braking system is working properly before leaving the house.


Special care should be taken of tires in winter, as the tire has direct contact with the road. In such a situation, whenever you take your car on the road, keep checking the tire pressure according to time, so that even on a rough road, you can enjoy your drive without worry.