These people should not buy Royal Enfield Bullet even by mistake


Royal Enfield:  Buying a Bullet is almost everyone's dream, it is a muscular and manly bike and when you ride it, people may pay attention to it. The road presence of this bike is so strong that people cannot stop themselves from buying it. Let us tell you that Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world and has been continuously manufacturing bikes since 1901. However, we are not saying that these bikes are not made for everyone, but if you buy them in a hurry, then perhaps you will understand this in a few months. Today, in this news, we will tell you such things, after knowing which you will understand that these cannot prove to be the perfect bike for everyone. 


Mileage: If you want an economical and mileage-giving bike then you should never buy a Bullet. Because these are a little more expensive than a normal motorcycle, along with that their mileage is also less and the reason behind this is the very powerful engine, which is not made for mileage. In such a situation, if you ride the bike every day then you have to fill a lot of petrol in it. 

Lack of modern features: If you want modern features in your motorcycle, then this motorcycle can disappoint you. Although the motorcycle has all the necessary features, still you do not get many high-tech features in the Royal Enfield Bullet. Except for Himalayan, all motorcycles have old analog consoles. However, now digital meters are also available in them, 

Lack of speed and pickup: If you want instant speed then you may not like the Bullet because it is powerful but you still feel a lack of power in the beginning. This motorcycle is also heavy and that is why it becomes a bit slow. You must be aware of these factors while buying this bike.