The mileage of your motorcycle will be 80 Kmpl! Get these simple settings done by a mechanic today!


Motorcycle Mileage Boosting:  Decreasing the mileage of a motorcycle is a very common thing. This happens due to the way of driving or lack of maintenance. Due to the decrease in the mileage of the motorcycle, you have to spend thousands of rupees every month just on filling petrol. If your motorcycle is also not giving good mileage and you are upset with this thing, then now you do not have to worry much because we are going to tell you about some simple settings, which if you get done in your bike once with the help of a mechanic, then believe me, the mileage of the bike increases by 20 to 30%.


1. Air-fuel mixture:

Carburetor: If your bike has a carburetor, you can use the air mixture screw to adjust the air and fuel mixture. Adjust it from slightly rich (more fuel) to slightly lean (less fuel). 

Injection: In fuel-injected bikes, you can reprogram the electronic control unit (ECU) to adjust the air-fuel mixture.

2. Spark Plug:

Use the correct spark plug gap and spark plug type.

Replace old or defective spark plugs.

3. Tire pressure

Inflate tires to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

A little higher pressure (2-3 PSI) can also improve mileage.

4. Driving habits:

Drive slowly and at a steady speed.

Avoid sudden acceleration and braking.

Avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Roll into neutral instead of stopping in traffic with the engine off.

5. Maintenance:

Get regular servicing done.

Change the air filter, oil filter, and other filters regularly.

Check the engine oil level and condition.

Lubricate the chain and check for looseness.

Additional Tips:

Carry light luggage.

Eliminate unnecessary items.

Install windscreens to improve aerodynamics.

Use high-quality fuel.

Pay attention:

Before adjusting these settings, refer to your bike's owner's manual.

If you are unsure, consult a qualified mechanic.

Setting the settings incorrectly can damage the engine.

By following all these tips, you can improve your bike's mileage by 10-20%.

This will help you save money and pollute the environment less.