The government has given permission to a new category, now 'combo' vehicles will run on the roads instead of two-three-four


The government has given permission to a new category of vehicles. Now you will see a different category of vehicles along with two-three or four wheelers on the roads. Now you will see combo vehicles on the roads. Read full details here about how one vehicle can complete many of your tasks.

Combo Vehicle

Did you think that you will get to see any other category of vehicles other than two-wheelers, three or four wheelers? But now you will get to see a new category L2-5 vehicle on the roads. The government has given permission to combo vehicles in the country. This means that now one vehicle can also do the work of your second vehicle. In a moment, a two-wheeler will be converted to a three-wheeler. The journey from personal work to earning can be done with these vehicles. How will you be able to do this, what will this vehicle be like and what will be the benefit to you from it, read its full details here.

What is L2-5 vehicle?

The government has introduced L2-5, as mentioned above, this 'combo' category three wheeler can be used as both a two wheeler and a three wheeler as per the requirement. These vehicles can now be registered with RTOs across the country.

Although such a vehicle has already been introduced, Hero company unveiled its Hero Surge S32. This vehicle can be converted into either a two or three wheeler as per the requirement. The company was waiting for a long time to get permission for the new category of combo vehicle in India.

Personal and commercial vehicles

According to the report, creating new vehicle categories and allowing their registration fulfills the goal of promoting innovative transport solutions. 'Combo' vehicles can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. With the advent of these vehicles, you will be able to earn money as well as travel personally.

L2-5 vehicle will benefit

When you need, you can attach an extension to your two-wheeler and earn money from it. When the need is over, you can convert it back into a two-wheeler. You will be able to do all these tasks in a few moments. Not only this, in crowded areas you will be able to use only the two-wheeler and on open roads you will be able to change to a three-wheeler. Shopkeepers will be able to use the three-wheeler to bring goods and the two-wheeler for commuting. You will get two vehicles for the price of one vehicle.

At present, not much information has been revealed about such vehicles. If permission is granted, it is likely that vehicle manufacturers will soon launch such vehicles in the market.