The car rammed into the wheels of a truck in a horrific manner!


Car Crash Video:  In India, the use of seat belts is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, of 1988. This law was made to promote road safety and reduce the number of deaths and injuries in road accidents. However, many drivers continue to violate this rule. However, if you want to know how important a seat belt is, then you must watch this video. This video is enough to open the eyes of those car drivers who do not know the benefits of wearing a seat belt. 


Shocking sight seen in the video 

Whoever saw this video was shocked. A user on Instagram has shared this video in which it can be seen how a car got into the wheels of a truck. This car was destroyed. However, when people opened this car, the person sitting in it came out completely safe. Surely the person must have got some scratches and minor injuries but by looking at the way this person came out of his car, you can understand that he is completely fit. The person was wearing a seat belt and hence he was able to escape safely in this horrific car accident.   

The following are the main provisions of the law:

All car drivers and front passengers must wear seat belts.

Children under the age of 12 can only be seated in a car in a proper child safety seat.

Adults sitting in the back seat are also encouraged to wear a seat belt, although it is not yet mandatory.

Not wearing a seat belt can attract a fine of ₹1,000.

Recent changes:

From September 1, 2022, it has become mandatory for rear-seat passengers to wear seat belts as well.

This change aims to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries in road accidents.

It is important to note that:

Seat belts are life-saving devices and can reduce serious injuries and deaths in road accidents by up to 50%.

Seat belts are effective at all speeds, but are particularly important in case of high-speed collisions.

Wearing a seat belt not only protects you but also protects others traveling with you.