Test Drive Vehicle Accident: What if the test drive vehicle meets with an accident? Who will bear the expenses?


If you are thinking of buying a new car and planning a test drive, then this information is for you. Here we will tell you that if you go for a test drive of a vehicle and that vehicle meets with an accident, then who will compensate for it. Will you have to pay for it? If not you, then who will pay? Read its full details here.

Test Drive Car Accident

Whenever you go to the showroom to buy a new vehicle, the dealers give you a test drive of the vehicle. You go on a test drive with the vehicle and check the driving experience and performance of that vehicle. In most cases, the test drive goes smoothly but sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, you cause an accident with the vehicle. In such a situation, the problem arises that the vehicle has not been bought yet, there is no insurance either, who will compensate for it.

Accident of test drive vehicle?

Test drive is given to you on a normal road where other vehicles are also running along with you. In such a situation, there are more chances of hitting and damaging the car or bike. Although this does not happen normally, but if it happens then who will bear the cost? The person who was driving will have to pay compensation or the company will pay. Don't worry, you will get answers to all your questions here.

Who will pay for the damages, the driver or the company

Although test driving is given only to those people who have a driving license. Obviously, people who have a driving license make such mistakes less often, but if it still happens, the company will compensate for the damage to the vehicle.

During the test drive, no matter who is at fault, the company compensates for any damage caused to the vehicle without any discrimination. The company also has a third-party insurance which covers this damage. According to this, the company does not have to spend any money from its pocket.

Take a test drive without stress

In such a situation, you can take a test drive of any vehicle without any tension, even if it is a luxury car or bike. The cost of any damage caused to the vehicle during the test drive will not be borne by you. The entire cost of this falls on the company.

However, even though you don't have to bear the cost, you should drive safely. Whether you are in a test drive car or a personal car, you should be alert on the road and drive safely.