Tesla vehicles made in China should not be sold in India, Nitin Gadkari said that the government is ready to cooperate


He has told Tesla not to sell those electric cars in India which are made in China by Tesla. Tesla should manufacture electric cars in India and also export cars from India.

America's automaker Tesla is in a discussion about its entry into India. Recently, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, while commenting on the company's arrival in India, said that he has asked US-based Tesla several times to start manufacturing its electric vehicles in India, with the assurance that, That the company will be provided all assistance by the government.

Cars made in China should not be sold in India

Addressing the 'India Today Conclave 2021', Gadkari further said that "electric cars manufactured by Tata Motors are no less good than electric cars manufactured by Tesla." I have told Tesla not to sell those electric cars in India, Which are made in China by Tesla. You should build electric cars in India, and export cars from India too." You may recall that Tesla has demanded a reduction in the import duty on electric vehicles (EVs) in India.

 There will be no reduction in import duty

"Whatever support you (Tesla) want will be provided by our government," Gadkari said. The road transport and highways minister said he was still in talks with Tesla executives about the company's demand for tax concessions. Last month, the heavy industry ministry had asked Tesla to start manufacturing its iconic electric vehicles in India before considering any tax concessions.

For information, at present, cars imported as Completely Built Units (CBUs) based on engine size and cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value of less than or more than USD 40,000 Customs duty is levied in the range of 60-100 percent. Tesla has urged the government to reduce tariffs on electric cars by 40 percent and withdraw the social welfare charge of 10 percent on electric cars irrespective of the customs duty value.