Safety Tips in Car: Safety in car will not be possible only by air bags, you will have to follow these rules


Seat belts are a must in every car. Not only is it legally mandatory, but it also helps save lives in case of major accidents. Thousands of lives are lost every year just because people are not wearing seat belts. And if your car has air bags, wearing a seat belt is even more important.

Car Safety

These days every new car is equipped with airbags. But it is not right to assume that you are safe just because you have airbags. With good roads and high speeds of cars, it has become even more important to pay attention to the need for safety. In such a situation, it is important to know what things you should pay special attention to while driving cars with airbags.

Every passenger must wear a seat belt

Actually, seat belts should be worn in every car. This is not only legally mandatory, but it also helps in saving lives during major accidents. Every year thousands of lives are lost only because they are not wearing seat belts. And if your car has air bags, then wearing a seat belt becomes even more important. In cars with air bags, the circuit of its functioning is completed only when you wear a seat belt. This means that during a collision, the air bags will open only if the seat belt is worn. Therefore, not only should the people sitting in the front seat wear a seat belt in a moving car, but it is also necessary for the passengers sitting in the back seats to wear a seat belt.

Keep your chest 10 inches away from the steering wheel

Just like the hands are at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position on a clock, the driver should keep his hands in the same position on the steering wheel while driving. While driving, do not keep your hands or arms in the middle of the steering wheel at all, otherwise if the airbag opens, it can cause serious injury, let alone safety. Similarly, it is also important to have a distance of at least 10 inches between the chest and the steering wheel while driving. If this is not done, you may get injured when the airbag opens.

Use a baby seat for your baby

If you are travelling with an infant or a very young child, do not make the mistake of making him sit in the front seat with you, because if the air bag opens, he can get seriously injured. It would be better to use a baby seat for him and keep him in the back seat, and that too, keep him tied with a seat belt. If you do not want to wear a seat belt, then the middle seat in the back seat is considered the safest for small children.

Do not keep heavy objects on the dashboard

However, even if the car does not have an airbag, never keep heavy or hard objects on its dashboard. Doing so is strictly prohibited for cars with airbags, because when the airbag opens, the dashboard also gets a shock and the hard object kept there can bounce and hurt the passengers. In this way, the airbag will protect from other damages, but that hard or heavy object can be fatal. Also keep in mind that if the airbag light is blinking, then it is a sign that it is time to get the airbag serviced.