Running the car's AC at this temperature will give you tremendous cooling!


Car AC Temperature in Summers: It is necessary to run the AC in the car during summer, but running the AC also affects the mileage. If you want good cooling and excellent mileage while running the AC in the car, then you should keep some things in mind. Let us tell you about this in detail. 


Do not park the car in the sun 

If you want your car not to get too hot in the sun, then avoid parking it in the sun. Parking in the sun heats the car from inside like a furnace. In such a situation, when you sit in the car, you feel very hot and suffocated. Also, due to parking in the sun, the seats of the car become very hot. In such a situation, the AC has to work very hard to cool the car from the inside. Therefore, always park your car in the shade. 

open the windows when parking the car

Take special care that whenever you park your car, leave the windows slightly open. This will prevent heat from accumulating inside the car and you will need less to run the AC. Along with this, when you sit in the car, you will not have any problem and the car will also cool down quickly from inside. 

use the windows

When you start driving, avoid running the AC in the beginning. First, keep the windows slightly open. This will allow air to flow inside the car and the hot air will go out and the AC will have to work less to cool the car.

Use a fan

To cool the car, you can use a fan along with AC. This will improve the air circulation inside the car and you will feel more cool even at low temperatures. Also, this will give good mileage. 

AC mode 

There are different modes for using AC in a car, such as automatic mode and fan mode. You can use the mode as per your choice. There is more cooling in automatic mode but it affects the mileage. Therefore, to improve the mileage, you can set the fan speed and temperature as per your requirements.