Royal Enfield will try to reach out to Pole from Himalayan, to celebrate 120 years

The next-generation model of Royal Enfield Classic 350 will be launched on this date, know everything

To celebrate 120 years, its bikes will embark on a first-of-its-kind trip to the South Pole. Conceived as an honor to all Enfielders, the 90 degrees South Pole will be an attempt to go where no motorcycle has gone before

 Royal Enfield South Pole: The country's leading bike maker, Royal Enfield, is the world's oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production since 1901. People are as excited to ride Royal Enfield 120 years ago as they are today. The company has now announced that to celebrate 120 years of manufacturing vehicles for the automotive world, its bikes are Will embark on a first of its kind trip to the South Pole. The Royal Enfield Himalayan bike will be part of this journey. Conceived as an honor to all Enfielders, the 90 degrees South Pole will be an attempt to go where no motorcycle has gone before

The company will launch a motorcycling expedition on the Royal Enfield Himalayan to attempt to reach the Geographic South Pole via Leverett Glacier from the Ross Ice Shelf, this milestone year for Royal Enfield and talks about the expedition endeavor Eicher Motors Ltd. Siddharth Lal, Managing Director, said, “120 years is a long legacy for the brand, and we are glad that we have made this year so worthy. Over the years we have built and nurtured a wonderful culture of riding and exploration around the world."

This quest for exploration has been an essential part of our DNA and 90 Degrees South - Quest for the South Pole is another chapter in our series of extraordinary, epic motorcycling rides. Rides like the Himalayan Odyssey have fueled the thrill of motorcycling in the Himalayas in the past, and one such epic expedition to the South Pole will inspire people to be adventurous again. Testing the endurance and perseverance of man and machine, this expedition is the first of its kind to traverse the 770 km stretch to the South Pole on a motorcycle.”

Starting from Cape Town, South Africa on 26 November 2021, two Royal Enfield riders - Santosh Vijay Kumar, Lead - Rides & Community, Royal Enfield, and Dean Coxon, Senior Engineer - Product Development, Royal Enfield - Leverett Glacier Will try to reach the Geographic South Pole from the Ross Ice Shelf to the Amundsen-Scott Pole Station. To help them along the way, RE has modified their Himalayas with a smaller front sprocket and a tubeless wheel setup with snow tires.