Red Bus Scam: Travelling by redBus will become costly!


Redbus Scam:  If you book a bus from the Redbus app, then you need to be careful, today we will tell you how the company and operators are scamming the travelers. Many such complaints keep coming that the travel in Redbus has been scammed, but after seeing the recent case, you will believe this.


Let us tell you that just a day before Bakrid, such a picture of the Red Bus scam came to light that after knowing it, every customer will now be afraid of traveling in the Red Bus. Actually, RedBus is charging arbitrary fares from its customers before the festival and when it comes to dropping them to their destination, tons of load is loaded on the bus

Due to this, the bus tire gets punctured and many other problems also arise. The same thing has happened with Ashoka Bus Travels of RedBus. 

The operator and staff of this bus loaded too much load due to which the tire of the bus going from Delhi to Lucknow burst due to which the bus narrowly escaped an accident and tilted to one side because the load was more than required. In the end, the bus faced many other problems along with the tire bursting. 

The rules were flouted 

Let us tell you that violating the rules, neither water was provided in the bus nor was the air conditioner used in the bus due to which the passengers were in a bad condition while struggling with heat and thirst. The passengers kept sitting on the road in the middle of the highway but the company did not care. When customer care was called, they said that this keeps happening and we are very sad about this. 

Let us tell you that Red Bus had also increased the fare of bus tickets considerably, the tickets which were available between 500 to 1400 were available for 1500 to 2500 rupees on 15 June. Due to greed, the bus staff first overloaded the bus heavily, then made 4 people sit on a double sleeper seat for Rs 2800. 

Is RedBus reliable? 

Now the question arises whether Red Bus is trustworthy. So let us tell you that the incident that has come to light during the journey of 15-16 June clearly shows that first, the bus was dangerously overloaded, after which passengers were seated without any rules and regulations. Due to this, the weight of the bus increased and the tire of the bus burst and the vehicle narrowly escaped an accident. Despite this, the company neither refunded the money to the people nor listened to them.