Now more registration renewal fees will have to be paid for the old vehicle, know more about it


However, before sending the vehicles for scrap, the old vehicles will be tested at the Automated Fitness Center. In this, the emission test, braking system, safety components will be checked and vehicles failing the fitness test will be canceled.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is working towards gradually eliminating old vehicles. At the same time, Vehicle Scrappage Policy is being implemented to promote the sale of all range of vehicles. Under which customers will be encouraged to scrap their old vehicles. Under this policy, commercial vehicles above 15 years of age and passenger vehicles of more than 20 years will be canceled for not passing the fitness and emission tests. The new rule is going to come into effect from 1st April 2022. 

Penalty for delay in renewal

As per the existing policy, the registration fee for motorcycles is around Rs 300, which will now increase to Rs 1000 for the registration of bikes. Whereas the current rate for obtaining a fitness renewal certificate for a bus or truck above 15 years, which is now Rs 1500, will be Rs 12,500. Along with this, any delay in the renewal of registration of private vehicles will have to pay Rs 300 per month and Rs 500 for commercial vehicles.

It is to be noted that delay in renewal of fitness certificate of commercial vehicles will attract a fine of Rs 50 per day. Let us tell you that in Delhi and its adjoining areas, there is already a ban on diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol vehicles that are 15 years old.

It is necessary to make a new registration after so many years

The increase in renewal fees for registration and fitness certificate is aimed at discouraging people not to keep their old vehicles. Let us tell you, the owners of private vehicles will have to renew every 5 years after 15 years. Similarly, a fitness certificate will have to be renewed every year after the completion of 8 years of a commercial vehicle. Apart from this, the fee has also been fixed for manual and automatic fitness tests of vehicles.fee will have to be paid for the old vehicle, know when the rule will be applicable.