Now a person will not be able to use more than one Fastag, this rule comes into effect


Fastag has been made mandatory on vehicles in the country. Now big news has come regarding Fastag. Now One Vehicle One Fastag has been implemented in the country. This type of step has been taken by the government to stop the fraud happening with Fastag.

Fastag was being used by many people in the name of others. Whereas some people have more than one Fastag, they use them as per their wish. Keeping this in view, the rule of One Vehicle One Fastag has now been implemented.

After the implementation of One Vehicle One Fastag, people will no longer be able to use more than one Fastag. These people will now have a Fastag activated. The Fastag which has KYC will remain active. Fastag will be blacklisted if KYC is not done. After this, the person will have to pay double the tax on tolls. 

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