Lift Tips: What should be done first if the lift breaks down?


Elevator Accident:  The recent elevator accident in Noida is a terrible incident that has highlighted the importance of elevator safety. Actually, the lift of Tower-5 of Paras Tierra Society located in Sector-137 of Noida suddenly broke down on the fourth floor and its brakes failed so instead of going down, it started moving upwards and colliding with the roof. 


If you ever find yourself stuck in a bad elevator, it's important to stay calm and follow these steps:

1. Call for help immediately:

National Lift Helpline Number: 1800-425-0077

Local police or fire department

Building management or security personnel

2. Press the emergency button inside the lift:

If available, press the emergency button inside the elevator. This will alert the lift company and make them aware of your situation. 

3. Remain calm and avoid shaking:

Getting nervous or doing excessive activity can shake the lift and make the situation worse.

Stay calm and patient until help arrives.

4. If possible, try to open the elevator doors:

If the elevator is stuck in the middle of a floor, try to open the doors and get out.

Note: If the doors do not open easily, do not use force.

5. Call for help if there is a mobile phone signal:

If you have a mobile phone signal, call for help.

Provide information about being stuck inside the lift and tell your floor number.

6. If there is no mobile phone signal, attract attention by making noise:

If you don't have a mobile phone signal, try attracting attention by banging on the walls or shouting.

Need to learn lesson from Noida incident:

Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to ensure that lifts are operating safely.

Emergency Plan: Every building should have an emergency plan in case of lift failure.

Awareness: People should be aware of lift safety and be able to recognize danger signs.

Remember, safety is most important. If you feel unsafe in a lift, do not use it.