Knowing the right combination of clutch and gear can increase the mileage of the car!


Car Mileage Booster:  Many car owners always complain that their car does not give mileage. Because of this, they have to get the fuel tank filled several times every month. In such a situation, they face a lot of trouble. However, do you know that the mileage of your car also gets affected due to the mistake of applying clutch and gear? In such a situation, today we are telling you about those mistakes, after knowing that you can easily increase the mileage of your car.


Holding the clutch too long: When you stop or slow down, release the clutch completely. Keeping it half-pressed causes the clutch plates and pressure plate to wear out, which increases fuel consumption.

Changing gears quickly: Keeping the engine at high RPM increases fuel consumption. Shifting to high gear at low speed puts stress on the engine and reduces mileage.

Improper gear selection: Selecting the wrong gear makes the engine work harder and increases fuel consumption.

Sudden braking: Sudden braking consumes more fuel than necessary.

The correct way:

Change gears on time: As soon as the engine noise gets louder, shift to a higher gear immediately.

Drive predictably: Drive with a little forward visibility and adjust the speed according to the traffic. This will help you avoid sudden braking.

Use engine braking: When you are slowing down, use engine braking instead of pressing the clutch.

Maintain proper tire pressure: Under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance, which leads to higher fuel consumption.

Regular maintenance: Get your car regularly maintained, which includes changing the oil and filter.

By following these tips, you can increase your car's mileage by 10-20%.

Also keep in mind:

Driving style matters: Aggressive driving, such as accelerating and braking suddenly, can significantly increase fuel consumption.

Weight of the car: Heavier cars give less fuel than lighter cars.

Traffic: Driving in the city gives less fuel than driving on the highway.

At the end:

The most important thing to reduce fuel consumption and increase mileage is to change your driving style.

With a little attention and practice, you can increase the mileage of your car to a great extent, which will save both money and the environment.